YRMA POBLETE. The Route of the Chupalla.

In the coastal commune with the wide walls of mud walls and adobe bricks, the culture of wheat hits hard and the huasos with chupalla, in the summer, after the harvest of the cereal, celebrate the threshing with a loose mare, so that the beasts tread the sheaves in the threshing floor and separate the chaff from the grain. In such an environment, among the wheat fields of Paredones, at the early age of 6, Yrma played at being a Ligun wheat straw braider, while observing her mother's skill. Thus began his relationship with this work. Like any Quinceañera in Cutemu, she made and sold braids to help around the house. Over time he grew up, got married and with this tradition managed to develop and feed his children. Today she has been cultivating her trade for more than 60 years, she is one of the most famous braiders in the area; still protects and treasures inherited knowledge.

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