MANUEL MANRÍQUEZ. The Country Route.

Medicinal herbs mean a family tradition for Manuel, who, since he was a child, went out to look for them on the hill with his uncles. He still remembers Uncle Bacho, well known in San Vicente de Tagua Tagua and in other communes for this work. While still young, he suffered from an illness, so he set out for the hills to find his cure. His relatives had already left a few hours ago. When he found them, he asked them to guide him to look for the miraculous herb. There was the triaca, moving in the breeze. He took it in his hands and from that moment he followed the path of healing through medicinal herbs. Almost 50 years have passed since that time when the boy found the triaca or, rather, when that magical herb found him. During his life he has healed and calmed the ailments of many people. Today he has a granddaughter who follows his path who, at just 5 years old, is already the bearer of her grandfather's ancestral know-how.

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