SEGUNDO RODRIGUEZ. The Route of the Basketry.

Segundo learned to weave wicker at the early age of 10, when the rods were still being transformed into swords and horses. He did it looking at his neighbors, like Luis Quezada, in the Convento Viejo area, which, according to him, is the cradle of Chimbarongo wicker. With more than half a century of experience, and having complemented his activity with peasant and worker tasks, he lived through the golden age of wicker, when trucks full of chuicos and demijohns arrived for basketing. Now he is one of the most skilled artisans in the Capital of Wicker, noted for his fine fabrics. Together with his wife, Ana Romero, a faithful companion, he participates in fairs and exhibitions, such as Expo Mimbre and Museo Vivo. Seal of Excellence, his peasant art has reached Poland, Ecuador and Spain. Always ready to teach, always showing off his trade with pride.

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