RODRIGO HERRERA. The Route of the Artisans.

The hill is the root of his trade. Much of his learning was self-taught. He began by observing the work of other artisans in the Pelequén quarries, and at the age of 13, together with his brother, he began to work making cobblestones. Later he became another member of the workshops on the Pan-American highway, where he perfected his techniques and polished himself in the art of stone. This has been the historical itinerary of Rodrigo, for whom stone is everything, his way of expressing himself and the work that supports his family. He sculpts with passion, reflected in each blow, in each encounter with the material, as well as in the result of his work, his works. Rodrigo dominates the strength of the stone, which, after thousands of years submerged in the depths of the earth, carrying the secrets of nature, is extracted to find light and, in his hands, a new meaning.

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