RIGOBERTO ZÚÑIGA. The Country Route.

Rigoberto has always been in contact with the land, although he never thought of becoming a seed guardian. He has been in this trade for 13 years, which began in his youth, when he planted a sandial on land assigned by the Agrarian Reform, which gave him experience to follow the peasant path. He was part of a Cooperative in Peumo at the age of 17, where he learned the handling of seeds, such as corn, tomato, among others. With this his path became clear and he knew which path to take. Now he protects and exchanges seeds, he even still keeps his mother's celery, as well as seeds from other areas, such as those of the Coltauco tomato, the limenso, which he rescued in 1986, and many others. Today he has two granddaughters interested in continuing his legacy, they help him water and plant the plants, thinking that tomorrow they will take care of their grandfather's treasure.

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