PATRICIO TRUJILLO. The Route of the Huaso.

The typical hat of the Hacienda de El Huique, in Palmilla, is the bonnet, known as the huicano bonnet. It is a precious piece, identity of the area, made from pressed wool, which is characterized by its pointed shape and hand-embroidered decoration, which stages huasas-peasant images, landscapes typical of the Chilean countryside. A hat of Spanish origin, which was believed to be extinct and which had a strong boost in the commune during the period of the landowner, today it is reborn thanks to the research and meticulous work of Patricio Trujillo. After learning about old photographs of the men in bonnets, he became obsessed with the idea of bringing them back to life. This is how he began to elaborate them, until he achieved perfection. Those black and white images have color again. Now he strives to teach the history of the Hacienda de El Huique and the Huica bonnet.

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