GRACIELA TOLEDO. The Chupalla Route.

Graciela is one of the many women who weave Ligún wheat in the town of Cutemu, in the Commune of Paredones. With the help of her husband, Jaime Reyes, she handcrafts long straw bands of up to 75 armfuls, woven with 5 or 6 strands of wheat, which she then transforms into elegant and beautiful accessories for men and women, as well as tableware. and kitchen. Like his peers, he learned to weave with his mother in the wheat fields of the area, at the early age of 8 years. Now she has been dedicated to this trade for more than 35 years, keeping her family tradition intact. She still remembers the times when she sold her cloaks to buyers who visited the town or when she gave her braids to the farmers of La Lajuela, Santa Cruz, so that they would assemble the clochas and shape Chile's identity hat: the chupalla, whose process born in the lands of Cutemu.

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