MÓNICA RODRIGUEZ. The Route of Delights.

At Colmenares Moni Mony, the house of honey, Mónica cares for her bees with care and dedication, to later harvest the pure nectar from the honeycomb, which she then makes available to everyone, through various products. In the Commune of Pichidegua, where the waterwheels turn to mark the cycle of life, she maintains her productive and educational center. There, with the support of her partner, Carlos Farías, she teaches and practices her beekeeping work, in a magical place, ideal to enjoy with the family, let the children play, experiment and connect with nature. His link with beekeeping began as a hobby. After participating in several courses, she ended up in love with bees and their world, for their pollinating role, for their importance in nature. Now, he maintains biodiversity, conserves flora, perpetuates life and gives back to those bees that helped him so much in difficult times.

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