MARY MUÑOZ. The Chupalla Route.

Mary lives in San Pedro de Alcántara in the commune of Paredones. This land witnessed his childhood linked to wheat. His great-grandparents were wheat straw weavers who started this traditional trade. Mary says that her apprenticeship began at the age of four and by the age of five she was already weaving braids. He came from school to sit next to his grandmother, who was his teacher. With her he learned to make braids of 4, 5 and 6 strands; to sew, to make small and large lollipops. Along with his father, Don Aníbal Muñoz, he learned to harvest, select the straw, to do the whole process, to shape the chupalla, among other things. Today he works with his father and mother María Verdugo in a self-sustaining community, they repair chullas and make various products derived from wheat straw and also leather.

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