MARIO SOTO. The Clay Route.

In the town of Pañul, Pichilemu Commune, the marriage of Mario and Berta make ceramic pieces. He has been dedicated to this work for nearly two decades and nine years ago he taught Berta. In any case, this woman's link with the ancestral trade and, particularly, with the locality, dates back to approximately a third of a century, when her father began prospecting the Pañul mines for Loza Penco. The fall of the factory meant the abandonment of clay. With the help of a government program, Berta and Mario, like many neighbors in the area, took advantage of this resource and learned more about the interesting world of clay, such as casting and mold work. Today, Pañul pottery is an identity product of Cáhuil and Pichilemu; while skillful potters give life to diverse works of creation.

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