MARCIELA OLIVA. The Route of the Goldsmiths.

Trazos Andinos is the brand of Marciela, a renowned copper goldsmith in the region. With a family of musicians and artisans, he was always linked to art and culture. Coming from Santa Fe, Los Angeles, a Coyunche area, from a warrior town, agricultural, rancher and potter, and after a brief stay in Santiago, he arrived in Rancagua, where he met his colleague José Basoalto. In 2005 he entered the School of Goldsmiths of Coya. There he absorbed a lot of knowledge, at least enough to fall in love with the traditional craft of goldsmithing. Throughout his life he developed his style as a goldsmith, until he produced pieces with identity, unique works, with history. With more than 15 years of experience and after having shown her art in Chile, Peru and Argentina, she had the honor of making the statuettes for the Rancagua Film Festival and the bracelets for the Avant Premier of Una Mujer Maravillosa.

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