LUIS PARDO. The Route of the Artisans.

Luis is an outstanding craftsman in traditional forge and sculptor of Tagua Tagua. Coming from a family of master builders, the son of a bricklayer, he had to work since he was a child. Even as a child he discovered his talent in construction. He studied to be a welder at Inacap and little by little he became enchanted with the forge, after spending entire afternoons wandering through old neighborhoods, looking at bars, protections and lanterns. This is how his love for his trade was born; he had the skill and talent to become a self-taught cultist. She started out of necessity, she had to raise her 6 children. He started making lanterns and lamps for heritage houses. Now he is a true master, and thanks to his bond with the iron, the forge, the anvil and the combo, he has been able to be present at the International Craft Fair of the Catholic University and at the Living Museum Patrimonial Fair Expo. Today he is a benchmark, he models the iron at his whim.

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