JUANA MUÑOZ. The Chupalla Route.

On La Lajuela hill, Santa Cruz, a land famous for its chupalleros, Juana, together with her husband, Jaime Muñoz, braid natural fibers and make the most prestigious and national identity hat: the chupalla. With three Seal of Excellence, a Unesco Southern Cone recognition and another by the Catholic University, this couple, who have been married for 34 years, divide the tasks of their trade. She braids, weaves and sews, while he lasts and irons. Both go to the field in search of theatin and natural dyes. Juana inherited her knowledge from her mother, Hortensia Manríquez, when she was 10 years old; in times when the chupalleras of La Lajuela sewed by hand. Today it represents the fifth generation of this feminine work. Jaime, for his part, has roots in Cutemu and La Lajuela. It was always linked to the chupalla and hats. Today is the third generation in this trade.

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