JUAN SILVA. The Route of the Basketry.

Juan is a self-taught craftsman in wicker from Placilla, he has been working on it since he was 12 years old. His first experience as a weaver was when he disassembled a wicker basket to get to know it, putting it back together. After four years he was already making his own designs. At the age of 14, he went to his first craft party in Placilla, to the celebration of San Francisco and, since then, has visited many events where he exhibits his work. Juan Silva is characterized by the fact that during the fairs in which he participates, he works live on his products, teaching whoever is interested in his trade. You can always see him with his rods and a jug of water weaving and talking with people. What's more, it is common to see how the assistants bring them chuicos so that they can be encased. After a long lonely journey, today Juan is known as part of the rich culture of wickerwork, a trade of our land and its artisans.

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