JORGE ABRIGO. The Route of the Huaso.

Jorge learned the hatter trade from his father, Don Manuel Abrigo, hat master, who in turn learned from his father, Don Maximiliano Abrigo, hero of the Pacific War and who made the hats for the soldiers. Don Jorge followed the same path and taught all his knowledge to his son, Bernardo, who thus became the fourth generation to learn the trade. Today, father and son are the owners of the prestigious Rancagua hat shop “La Victoria” (1928). Together they participate in various rodeos nationwide and are recognized for their excellent quality hats and huaso articles. It is important to point out that they were invited to participate by the Federation of Chilean Horses in the Rural World Expo (1992) in Salamanca, Spain, deserved recognition for their dedication and work together with the huasos corraleros of Chile.

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