CÉSAR ORTIZ. The Route of the Goldsmiths.

César is a self-taught goldsmith from Rancagua, who was attracted by the strength of copper, bronze, nickel silver, silver and gold, minerals that he combines with stones and other raw materials to make artistic-sculptural pieces and signature jewelry. His passion for this trade led him to study at the Coya School of Goldsmiths, where he perfected his art and learned new techniques. In 2014, after generating a productive chain with the Doñihue chamanteras, he managed to have his creative works displayed in the United States. In addition, its products shone in the World Crafts Council of China. He has a strong vocation for teaching his art and an enormous social responsibility, because, beyond exhibiting at different fairs and showing his techniques, he teaches at the Coya Community Museum and enabled the workshop in his home to receive apprentices.

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