CARLOTA MORAGA. The Pottery Route.

Carlota is a prominent potter from Lihueimo, currently living in Peralillo in the Colchagua Valley. He learned by watching his mother, together with her he discovered how to model and give life to peasant characters that, through their aesthetics and color, evoke memories of the ancient Chilean countryside, of the daily work of men, women and their environment. Within his daily activities he has been able to share the time of his family world and the space for the creation of pieces in clay, which are born from childhood memories of his life in the countryside, which he treasures with affection and which he seeks to recreate by recounting them through of his colorful creations. Heiress to the tradition of rural women, she has transmitted this work to those close to her in order to protect this trade, in addition to attending fairs and activities representing what makes her so proud: the typical colored pottery of Lihueimo.

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